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Become a better version of yourself – personally and professionally. Go above and beyond the pursuit of good grades and positive evaluations. Explore your curiosity and passions.

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What Are WVU Badges?

WVU Badges are micro-credentials that students, faculty and staff can earn after completing criteria in a particular subject area.

Badges aren’t just pretty pictures to display on social media or a resume (although they do look nice). They’re your digital currency that prove you’ve gained knowledge, experiences, skills or expertise for your own personal and academic growth.

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Why Earn a WVU Badge?

  • Explore new pathways for professional growth.
  • Enrich your learning experiences.
  • Add value to your digital footprint.
  • Become more proficient in an area that matters to you personally or professionally.
  • Set yourself apart from other job candidates or colleagues.
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How to Use a WVU Badge

I’ve earned my Badge . . . now what?

How to Use My Badge

  • Share and display your achievements on social media, websites, webinars, recordings, email and resumes/CVs.
  • Showcase your credential(s) in Digital Measures and/or an electronic portfolio.
  • Display on job sites.

Why Use My Badge

  • Connect with others who share similar interests, which can help foster relationship-building, networking and career development opportunities.
  • Reflect upon and showcase your experiences in a way that helps you tell the story of your growth at WVU.