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Create a Badge

WVU Badges can be created by WVU faculty, instructors, staff, colleges or units to recognize particular achievements. All badges and criteria must be jointly approved by the Office of the Provost and WVU Online.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your idea

Before submitting a proposal, we highly recommend a consultation to discuss your idea and the required badge components. Please indicate the intended audience for your badge (e.g., students, faculty/staff, individuals external to WVU, etc.) so that we can direct your inquiry accordingly. To arrange a consultation to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal, email us!

Schedule a Consultation

ProposE a Badge

To propose a badge, please complete and submit this form.

Propose a Badge

Design a Badge

As a general guideline, the following designations for badge creation are recommended as a starting point for development. WVU Badges follow a pre-determined design template and can be customized in consultation with the design team. The “stages” noted below (both number and titles) can be changed based on the needs of the granting unit as approved in the badge proposal.

Badge Color Expected Level of Learning Example Pathway Stage
Blue Foundational Knowledge Initiate
Silver Application and Analysis Implement
Gold Evaluation and Sharing Transform

Diagram showing different levels of badges for each student and faculty badges.

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