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What are WVU Badges?

WVU Badges is a way to earn and document certified learning outcomes, or micro-credentials, upon completion of certain criteria and select experiences. The badge itself contains metadata on the learner, badge issuer and the criteria to earn the badge. WVU Badges quickly and easily verify accreditation and may be shared in a variety of ways to enhance the awardee’s digital footprint.

who can earn a wvu badge?

Students, faculty, staff and even interested parties who are not affiliated with WVU may earn WVU Badges.

For those who are not affiliated with WVU but are interested in pursuing one or more badges, please contact WVU Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, Lou Slimak, for more information at

What’s the value in earning a WVU badge?

WVU Badges offer fast, informal learning opportunities to enhance training and performance in a particular subject area while gaining official, non-transcripted accreditation.

Since these digital badges can be shared and displayed in a variety of ways, they also serve as an efficient vehicle to showcase resume-building skillsets, meaningful experiences and accredited accomplishments, which can enhance opportunities in career readiness, employability and upward mobility.

What information is in a WVU Badge?

WVU Badges contain metadata or information on the learner, badge issuer and the criteria to earn the badge.

Awardees may access and store their badges in the Badgr Backpack. Learn more about the Badgr Backpack.

How can earners access WVU Badges?

Awardees who earn WVU Badges can access, store and manage their badges on

Who can issue WVU Badges?

WVU faculty, instructors, staff, colleges or units may create a digital badge upon joint approval by the Office of the Provost and WVU Online. Once the WVU Badge or WVU Badge pathway is approved, it is managed by the original sponsor (issuer) who remains responsible for the ongoing oversight of the badge/pathway. To view examples, please visit

How can units issue or create a badge?

WVU Badges can be created by WVU faculty, instructors, staff, colleges or units to recognize particular achievements. All badges and criteria must be jointly approved by the Office of the Provost and WVU Online. To propose a badge for students, faculty or staff, please complete and submit this form. To arrange a consultation and discuss your ideas before submitting a badge proposal, request assistance from WVU Online by emailing Learn more about the process at

How do WVU Badges fit into WVU’s overall mission and vision?

WVU is on a path toward achieving academic excellence by continuously adapting and accommodating new forms of learning to help prepare our students for a bright and successful future. As workforce demands evolve, skillsets and trainings are being assessed across a broader range of activities and learning landscapes, including the use of digital badges.

As they become more mainstream, digital badges are transforming how skills and competencies are recognized, verified and recorded while offering a supplemental approach to learning. The criteria and experiences required to earn a badge complements traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. They also help engage and motivate participants, supporting long-term recruitment and retention efforts.

What can employers gain from digital badges?

Potential employers or other entities can easily verify awardees accomplishments in relation to an earned badge.