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WVU Badges are verified micro-credentials that participants earn to enhance their knowledge, understanding and experiences in a particular area of interest.

While workforce demands evolve, skillsets, experiences and expertise are being assessed across a broader range of activities and learning landscapes, including the use of digital badges.

As they become more mainstream, digital badges are transforming how skills and competencies are recognized, verified and recorded while offering scholars a parallel pathway toward achieving academic excellence.

A new, innovative way to show and tell your academic and professional development story

A graphic made of badges that you can earn. WVU Badges offer customizable ways to earn and document certified learning outcomes. Badges tell a story. Each is embedded with data that verifies the learner’s skills and achievements – and they’re meant to be digitally shared and displayed.

Earning a WVU Badge

To earn a WVU Badge, students, faculty members, staff or others who are not affiliated with the University must complete a series of curricular, co-curricular and/or professional development activities.*


  • Participation in events, competitions or clubs.
  • Attendance at lectures, book clubs or film screenings.
  • Completion of approved courses.
  • Engagement in select groups on campus.
  • Written papers or reflections.

Faculty and Staff

  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Leadership roles in workshops or learning communities.
  • Completion of self-paced modules and assessments.
  • Written reflections and evaluations.
  • Course (re)design and assessment of student learning activities.

Participants will be awarded the WVU Badge – their micro-credential – once they submit documented evidence that they’ve fulfilled the requirements and those materials are approved by the WVU Badge issuer or proxy.

For those who are not affiliated with WVU but are interested in pursuing one of our badges, please contact WVU Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, Lou Slimak, for more information at

Share your experiences and accomplishments

Once awarded a WVU Badge, you’ve not only gained knowledge and a greater sense of understanding in an area that matters to you, but you can show off your accomplishments, new skills and learned experiences in a variety of ways.

Showcase Your WVU Badge

  • Share it on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • Add it to a resume/CV.
  • Submit it in annual performance review files  to department chairs or supervisors.
  • Send it in emails.
  • Display it in your email signature.
  • Embed it on websites.
  • Include it in webinar recordings.
  • Display it on job sites.

Access Your WVU Badge

Awardees can access their WVU Badges on Badgr, which serves as a tool to accept, store and share awarded badges. It also allows others to view the details of the badge, including information on the learner, badge issuer and criteria to earn the badge. The data can be particularly useful for potential employers, department chairs, supervisors or other entities to verify awardees accomplishments as well as the rigor of the requirements to earn the badge.

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