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Cultural Competency Badge

Your Pathway to Cultural Competency

There are three WVU Badges students can earn on their pathway to achieving cultural competency. Students may choose to pursue all three badges or simply earn one or two. Upon earning all three Cultural Competency badges, students may also complete a Cultural Proficiency badge.

Step 1:

Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Knowledge Learn more about Cultural Competency Knowledge badge

Step 2:

Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Application Learn more about Cultural Competency Application badge

Step 3:

Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Dissemination Learn more about Cultural Competency Dissemination badge

Step 4:

Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency Embrace badge Learn more about Cultural Proficiency Embrace badge

To get started today or request additional information, please contact Daniel Brewster, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, at

*Given the criteria requirements at this time, cultural competency badges are only open to students in Morgantown. Students at WVU's regional campuses who are interested in earning WVU badges may email to discuss participation eligibility and options.