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Cultural Competency Application

Step 2 - Cultural CompetencY: Application

This badge represents a higher level of knowledge and an application of cultural competence that requires successful completion of an upper level course focusing on race/ethnicity, organization of an event and/or presentation at an event demonstrating an application of acquired knowledge, and an engagement in an experiential or service learning opportunity where cultural competence is demonstrated.

Any questions and all submitted work should be emailed to, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

1. Successfully complete with a grade of B or higher one of the following courses:

  • Africans Studies courses 300 level and above
  • Art History 307: Native American Visual Culture
  • Business Core 380: Business Ethics
  • History 355: The African-American Experience
  • History 451: African-American History pre-1900
  • History 452: African-American History since 1900
  • History 470: United States Civil Rights Movement
  • Music 356: Chamber Music: African
  • Music 357: Chamber Music: Brazilian
  • Music 393A: Hip Hop Performance
  • Music 475: History of Jazz
  • Music 477: Music of Africa
  • Native American Studies courses 300 level and above
  • Philosophy 313 Philosophy of Race
  • Political Science 322: Race, Ethnicity, and US Politics
  • Political Science 335: Civil Rights, Policy, and Politics
  • Sociology 318: Hate Crimes Sport and Exercise
  • Psychology 373: African Americans in Sports

To request approval for a course not listed email , Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

2. Participate as an organizer or presenter in at least two experiences on campus.

For each experience, a 2-page double-spaced reflection must be submitted within one week of event. A rubric will be provided.

Examples include: Books Clubs, Concert and Lecture, Film Screenings and Discussions, Keynote Lectures, Plays-Productions, and Round Table Discussions.

Questions about approved events can be submitted to , Department of Sociology and Anthropology at two weeks in advance. Activity proposals should be submitted to  at least two weeks prior to the experience.

Participate in at least one experiential/service learning/engagement activity (minimum of 15 combined hours).

For this experience, a 4-page double-spaced reflection must be submitted. A rubric will be provided.

Examples include being a student leader in pertinent student organizations (e.g., African Student Association and WVU NAACP), study abroad where course credit is awarded, and undergraduate research symposium poster presentation.

Propose all activities to , Department of Sociology and Anthropology, at least two weeks prior to the experience.